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A list of “truths” that CNN pushes on its viewers (Video)

After Tump’s wrestling CNN meme, CNN’s Brian Stelter tweeted how “hurt” he was that people are now being mean to CNN.

Paul Joseph Watson says “Boo-hoo.”

While Stelter, social justice warriors, and all of the mainstream media liberal left (including fake news CNN) are complaining about how harmful Trump’s memes can be, let’s talk about what is truly harmful, and how CNN pushes harmful, dangerous, fake news…

  • CNN pushed a fake news narrative of Iraq WMDs leading to millions of dead in Iraq.
  • CNN pushed a fake news narrative of Syria “moderate rebels” which lead to the rise of ISIS, the destruction of Syria, and a migrant crisis.
  • CNN pushed a fake news narrative of “Trump-Russia” collusion that a CNN producer admits is bulls**t.
  • CNN pushed a fake news Russia hacking narrative that almost pushed two powers towards WW3.
  • CNN pushed a fake news narrative of “hands up don’t shoot”.
  • CNN pushed a fake news narrative about the Aleppo boy being a victim of Assad, to propagandize for the invasion of Syria.
  • CNN said it was illegal to read Wikileaks.
  • CNN cut off guests who even mentioned Wikileaks.
  • CNN cut off guests who mention a link between refugees and terrorism.
  • CNN pretended its own camera man was a Trump protestor.
  • CNN commentator gave debate questions to Hillary Clinton in advance.
  • CNN told debate focus groups what to say to make Hillary look good.
  • and so much more…

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