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Lionel DEMOLISHES this “Hill Reporter” who thinks Russia is to blame for racism in the USA (Video)

Lionel destroys The Big Budowsky.

The crazy liberal lunatics have moved from Russia election collusion to Russia infiltrating Facebook, using the platform to support liberal causes like Black Lives Matter, in some devious plan to cause racism in the US which would then divide the country, and then cause Hillary Clinton to lose to Trump.

In short, liberal lunatics are trying to spin the narrative that racism in the US was feuled by a $100,000 in Facebook ads bought by “Russian-linked” buyers.

Some people buy this tall tale and one man even when on RT to try and explain the logic…even threatening the Kremlin (like an idiot stooge) to “stop” causing division and racism in the United States. He even blames Russia for causing the recent NFL protests.

Via Lionel’s YouTube channel

This is not for the faint-hearted. We’re talking brutal.

While Western media and Twitter have been busy looking for Russian fingerprints around the U.S. election Wikileaks pointed out that a social network giant even tried to back one side in the presidential campaign.

The whistleblower published an e-mail in which Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer proposes helping Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief Sheryl Sandberg added she was ‘thrilled’ about the progress Hillary was making.

The e-mail exchange dates back to the U.S. presidential campaign in 2016.

RT discussed this with Brent Budowsky – columnist with political website The Hill, and media analyst Lionel.

Skip to the 4:00 minute mark to see Lionel completely demolish the Hill’s very dumb journalist.

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