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Kiev’s forces take control of water filtration plant in Donetsk

Another flagrant violent of the Minsk II agreements which could lead to a humanitarian disaster.

During an overnight offensive that yet again violated the Minsk II agreements, forces loyal to the fascist regime in Kiev took control of a water filtration plant in Donetsk. The move bears an eerie resemblance to when Al-Qaeda recently poisoned the water supply flowing to Damascus, causing a major crisis.

The leaders of the Donetsk People’s Republic have called on the international community to condemn this move.

Between Kiev’s blockage on coal from Donbass and the renewed offensives against the Donbass republics, the likelihood of the Minsk agreements being implemented is looking ever more remote.

This could quickly spiral into a new humanitarian crisis in Donetsk unless urgent action is taken.

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Adam Garrie
Managing Editor atThe Duran

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