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Julian Assange tells Megyn Kelly that new Hillary Clinton emails will be released well before November vote [Video]

Julian Assange tells Fox New's Megyn Kelly that the impact of these emails on Hillary Clinton will be "significant".

The Hillary Clinton campaign strategy is to simply run out the clock.

Hillary has gone into hiding. She has not given a press conference in over 260 days. Her health is a major issue as November approaches.

The Clinton Foundation has now been fully exposed as the pay-to-play slush fund we all knew it was.

And those pesky emails that she thought she deleted just keep surfacing.

Julian Assange is now ready to release another wave of Hillary documents, that he tells Fox New’s Megyn Kelly, will be “significant” in their US election impact.

While we always hold out hope that the American public will wake up to the danger that Hillary Clinton encompasses, as documented by her absolute corrupt dealings and hunger for war like no other politician we have seen before her…we remain convinced that no matter what comes out against HRC, the US Presidency is in her pocket, in very much the same way she stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

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