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John McCain calls North Korean leader ‘crazy fat kid’

North Korea has called it a declaration of war.

John McCain is not known for subtle remarks when it comes to foreign affairs. He once offered his audience an impromptu version of the song made popular by the Beach Boys, Barbara Ann, with his original lyrics, ‘bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb Iran’.

McCain is deeply controversial to say the least. He was in Kiev agitating for regime change along side neo-Nazis during the Maidan coup in 2014.

mccain fascism

He has also been pictured with some of the top commanders in ISIS and remains a vocal advocate for jihad lead regime change in Syria.


Not content with these infamous ‘friends’, he is now intent on provoking North Korea.

During an interview with MSNBC, the hawkish Senator called North Korean leader Kim Jong-un a ‘crazy fat kid’ that China must contain.

North Korea didn’t find this amusing calling the comments a ‘declaration of war’.

Just to be certain that no one assumed he was going to apologise for his remark, he later Tweeted in support of his previous statement:

It seems John McCain won’t be happy until his big mouth causes yet more carnage throughout the world.

As Rand Paul suggested, term limits might have served McCain well.

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