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Jimmy Dore dismantles Democrat party politician, ‘F***in lying about Russian election hack’

Jimmy Dore revisits what is now Tucker Carlson’s legendary shredding of Dem. Congressman Adam Schiff on the Russian Election Hack “fake news”.

The Duran reported on the Carlson interview last week…

Tucker Carlson embarrasses this very confused, and shockingly dumb, US congressman.

The interview spins out of control with Rep. Adam Schiff resorting to canned idiotic name calling, so often used by the ignorant neo-liberal left.

At one point, Schiff accuses Tucker Carlson of “carrying water for the Kremlin”, and then tells Carlson that “you’re going to have to move your show to RT – Russian television”.

Carlson simply calls Schiff’s statement “dumb”, for which Schiff can only reply with the standard “you’re an apologist for the Kremlin” line.

Jimmy Dore now takes his turn to dismantle, not only the very stupid Schiff, but the entire Democratic party for continuing to press on with the thoroughly debunked, fake news narrative that Russian Hackers are responsible to Hillary Clinton’s election loss.

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