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Jimmy Dore and Tucker Carlson united. No war in Syria! (Video)

Tucker Carlson tells truth about Syria and crosses Trump.

Tucker Carlson has become the voice of reason on Syria, heroically calling out Trump’s illegal and dangerous push for war in Syria.

The Duran was one of the first media outlets to report on Tucker Carlson’s brave stance on Syria, calling out the moronic narrative being driven to justify another US war in the Middle East.

Carlson was told to shut up by his peers over at CNN, MSNBC, NYT, but he now has friends and allies in unexpected places.

Progressive left Jimmy Dore and conservative right Tucker Carlson are in agreement on Syria, no war over a false flag chemical weapon hoax

“This is how bad the news media is…this is how horrible they are. Fox News is now the beacon of reasonable though on war. Tucker Carlson does a great job on this.”

The Duran
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