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Jeff Sessions and Russia – is it now illegal to talk to foreigners? (VIDEO)

The targeting of Attorney General Jeff Sessions for sometime having talked to a Russian shows how desperate the establishment has become

The same Russophobic scare campaign that is being used to tar US President Donald Trump, and successfully brought down National Security Advisor Mike Flynn after only a month in office, is now being turned against Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Sessions’ crime? Meeting with the Russian ambassador to the United States. Did he give away classified info? No, that’s not being alleged. Did they discuss ways to undermine US security? No, there are no facts to support that either.

Instead, the mere fact of a meeting between Sessions and the ambassador is being considered prima facie evidence of conspiracy and treason.

The Duran’s Peter Lavelle therefore asks a pertinent question: Is it now illegal in America to talk to a Russian?

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Ricky Twisdale
Writer for The Duran based in Moscow. On Twitter @RickyTwisdale