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Israeli diplomat caught on film interfering in British politics: No Israeli diplomat expelled (video)

UK government and media largely silent after Al-Jazeera broadcasts evidence of Israeli interference in British politics, in contrast to massive media campaign over unproven claims of Russian interference in US politics.

Whilst stories of Russian interference in the US Presidential election have dominated the US and British media for months despite being wholly unsupported by factual evidence, factual evidence of Israeli interference in British politics is going largely unreported.

A undercover investigation by the Qatar based broadcaster Al-Jazeera has uncovered evidence of sustained Israeli interference in British politics.  Information concerning this investigation can be found here.

As part of this investigation Al-Jazeera covertly filmed an Israeli diplomat bragging and plotting with an aide of a British MP at a restaurant in London, in which he talked of bringing British MPs critical of Israel “down”.  Clips from this film can be found in this Al-Jazeera television report of the investigation

Indirect proof of the extent of Israeli influence on the British political system – which includes the British media – is provided by one interesting fact: the lack of coverage of Al-Jazeera’s story in the British media.

As I write this the BBC’s website is failing to report the story, and I am unable to find any report of it in The Times, or The Daily Telegraph (which does however have on its page a lifestyle piece on fashion tips from the Duchess of Cambridge) though there are short reports in the Guardian, the Financial Times, and the Daily Mail, which however are given no special prominence and are not headline pieces.

I need not explain why similar evidence of interference in British politics by Russian or Chinese diplomats would attract rather more attention.

As of the time of writing, there is no news of any Israeli diplomats – including the diplomat caught in the video – being declared persona non grata and thrown out of Britain, in contrast to the way US President Obama recently threw 35 Russian diplomats out of the US following the unproven claims of Russian interference in the US election.


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