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BREAKING: ISIS triples down. AGAIN claims Paddock “converted to Islam 6 months ago”

ISIS releases new statement on Las Vegas shooting.

Last week The Duran reported that ISIS claimed responsibility for the killings, stating that months ago, Paddock converted to Islam and expressed his desire to carry out atrocities in the name of the nefarious terrorist organisation.

The FBI stated that Paddock had no connections to ISIS and that his mass homicide was not connected to a known terrorist group.

ISIS is once again stating that Stephen Paddock converted to Islam six months ago.

Terror expert Rita Katz reports…

SITE Intel Group tweeted this statement along with an ISIS-Las Vegas infograph…

In Naba 100 #ISIS featured an infographic on #LasVegas attack & indicated the shooter, “Abu Abdul Barr al-Amriki,” converted 6 months ago

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