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If Syrian army continues its present course, Aleppo may be liberated from Al-Qaeda within weeks [Video]

Political commentator Marwa Osman talks to RT on the latest developments in the Syrian crisis.

Contrary to the lies coming out of western main stream media outlets…what is happening in Aleppo is not a city siege from the Assad regime and his Syrian army, against “moderate rebels.”

Everyone fully understands by now that “moderate rebels” are like unicorns…they simply do not exist.

What is really happening in Syria at this moment is the liberation of the historic city of Aleppo from the control of Wahhabi, Al Qaeda and ISIS jihadists…by the internationally recognized, sovereign state of Syria.

In the video below, political commenter Marwa Osman addresses the Syrian crisis misinformation campaign coming from the US led coalition. Fort Russ adds some context to Osman’s reporting on the Syrian conflict…

Marwa Osman explains what is the reality of the situation on the ground, how this is at odds with western media and US diplomatic positions.

The accusation that Syria or Russia are using bunker busting bombs on civilian areas, but actual documentation including footage, the authenticity of which is not disputed by either side, shows that these are terrorist bases where civilians fled long ago – a cursory look at the places shown have long been contested over the course of this conflict, and civilians have long since fled.

If the present gains being made by the SAA continue along the present course, the battle for Aleppo may well be won within a few weeks.

Osman also comments about the ridiculous comments of Ms. Power, who said that Assad was bent on ‘conquering’ Syria.


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