Ideas for a global resolution against Islamic terrorism

In an age where Islamic terrorism has struck the world, taking civilian lives, destroying great civilisations and displacing people across many continents, political leaders ought to make the following joint pledge in a united effort against the barbarous forces of terrorism.

We resolve:

–to support all legitimate governments fighting terrorism on their own soil;

–to cooperate and coordinate any military action requested by UN recognised states in the fight against terrorism;

–to share intelligence with all responsible state actors;

–to renounce any military unilateralism;

–to refrain from illegal military or political intervention in sovereign states;

–to recognise the United Nations as the only legitimate forum to voice concern over any disagreements which may arise in the fight against terrorism;

–to respect the rights of religious and ethnic minorities who have been displaced and injured by acts of terror;

–to fight terrorism without any ideologically driven ulterior motive;

–to accept that ordinary Muslims and Middle East Christian communities are the first and most numerous to suffer at the hands of Islamic terrorists;

–to refuse to cooperate with states whose actions in terrorist conflicts are driven by religious motives, geo-politicking or territorial ambitions;

By agreeing to these simple terms, world leaders could show a bold and united front against the biggest threat to human civilisation since 1945.

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