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Hollywood, Meryl Streep, feminists silent on rapper tweet advocating ‘pimping out’ first lady Melania Trump

Moderately famous rapper Bow Wow jumped on twitter to back his “uncle” Snoop Dogg, after President Donald Trump hinted that Snoop could face “jail” time following his video showing him pointing a fake gun at a Trump character dressed as a clown.

How did rapper Bow Wow respond to Donald Trump‘s response to the Snoop Dogg video…by making derogatory remarks about the President’s wife, US First Lady Melania Trump, saying that he will “shut your punk ass up” and “pimp your wife and make her work for us”.

The rapper officially known as Shad Moss tweeted (coward of a washed up rapper has since deleted the tweet)…

“Ayo DonaldTrump shut your punk ass up talking s*** about my uncle Snoop Dogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us.”

— Shad Moss(Bow Wow) (@smoss) March 15, 2017

Melania Trump’s popularity is on the rise, climbing 16 points since her husband was sworn in.

A CNN/ORC poll survey found that 52 percent of Americans have a favorable view of Melania, an increase from 36 percent before the inauguration.

Bow Wow, was mentored by Snoop and christened ‘Lil Bow Wow’ by him early in his career.

No liberal left SJWs are screaming in outrage over Bow Wow’s tweets. Feminists are completely silent. The lefty mainstream media had nothing to say. No hollywood, Meryl Streep speeches.

Calling for rape and forced prostitution of the first lady is well and fine in the warped minds of the liberal left, as long as that first lady is married to President Trump.

Can you imagine the end of the world outrage had the same tweet been made by Ted Nugent, directed at Michelle Obama.

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