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Hillary Clinton’s “Russia bomb” explodes in epic fashion, as Fox News host blames Putin for American wiretap chaos

Hey Fox News...Blame it on Hillary, not Putin.

This heated debate on Fox News show “The Five” takes a bizarre “Russia bashing / Putin bashing” turn.

Greg Gutfeld starts ranting (13:15 minute mark) about how “Russia is a skunk at a party” and how “Putin is laughing” at this entire Trump – Obama wiretap scandal.

“I can hear the laughter of Putin”

We suggest Gutfeld and his “The Five” co-hosts read this post on The Duran from Alexander Mercouris entitled “Hillary Clinton just planted a bomb under American Democracy”, which specifically warns that Hillary Clinton (not Donald Trump and not Vladimir Putin) plans to throw the entire US system into chaos.

The Duran called it in late October, and now we are watching Hillary’s “bomb” explode…

By far the most irresponsible and dangerous Hillary Clinton has done is however to accuse a foreign power – Russia – of meddling in the election in order to prevent her winning, and to impose Donald Trump on the American people.

This is dangerous and irresponsible at so many levels that it is difficult to know where to start.

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