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Hillary Clinton scores HUGE success in Wisconsin recount! After a full day recount Hillary gained ONE vote on Trump

The first day of Wisconsin’s recount narrowed the gap between Hillary Clinton and President-elect Donald Trump by one vote.

In response to demand’s from Green Party candidate Jill Stein, Wisconsin began recounting its ballots on Thursday.

After the first full day of recounting the votes and adding up the tally, Hillary Clinton gained a single vote on Donald Trump. Yes, all the fuss and money directed by Jill Stein, towards recounting votes in three US states that Trump won, has resulted in a single vote difference.

The result of the Wisconsin recount will prove to be extremely close to the already certified count that gave Trump the state…which will also certify Jill Stein’s demise and demotion into the history books as a useful  idiot for Hillary Clinton’s never ending sore losing tirade.

What a waste of time and money, courtesy Jill Stein, Hillary Clinton and George Soros.

The Daily Caller reports

Trump defeated Clinton in Wisconsin’s initial tally by about one percent, or just over 22,000 votes. Nevertheless, Green Party candidate Jill Stein (who finished a very distant fourth) is demanding a full recount after suggesting fraud or technological glitches may have swayed the results.

But the first results to emerge suggest the final tally will be rather close to the original one. Only Menominee County, home to the Menominee Indian Reservation, fully reported its recounted results on the first day. It found 17 extra votes for Stein and 12 for Libertarian Gary Johnson, while removing two votes from Trump and one from Clinton.

When putting all the results together, that means the first day of the recount narrowed the gap between Clinton and Trump by just a single vote.

At her current pace, Clinton will overtake Trump in Wisconsin in approximately 74 and a half years. Unfortunately, the recount is expected to last just two weeks.

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