Hillary Clinton Publishes Giant List of Donors In Attempt To Mock Trump’s Fundraising Efforts [Video]

Hillary Clinton is openly bragging about all the money she is getting from big name corporations.

Hillary Clinton put out a giant list of all the great, rich and elite donors who have given to Hillary’s campaign, in an attempt to mock Trump’s fundraising activity.

Donald Trump may be having trouble getting a lot of donations, but Hillary Clinton mocking him becuase he refuses to bow down and kiss the ring of the 1 percent is not too bright an idea for campaign Clinton.

Even The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur, who is squarely behind Hillary irregardless of her corrupt, lying nature, and murderous ways in Libya, Syria, Ukraine etc…cannot find a way around not criticizing Clinton, for the stupidity of her actions by releasing this list.

This is classic Clinton arrogance, reflected in the belief that she is above the law and divinely entitled to be President of the United States.

Hillary is saying to the entire US populace…‘I will be President, and take any money from anyone I want…and their is nothing anyone can say or do about it.’


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