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Hillary Clinton faints at 9-11 ceremony. It’s time for Hillary to exit race

This video captures Hillary Clinton's 'medical episode' at the 9/11 ceremony.

Hillary made an early exit from the 9/11 ceremony, and then stumbled and fainted as she tried to enter her van, which appears to be specially equipped for a person with difficulty walking.

It’s time for Hillary to bow out of the race. She can barely walk, she can barely speak, and it is now become impossible for her to make any public appearances without having some sort of health episode.

How will she be able to attend any world events, summits, meetings?

It is not just a matter of whether Hillary is sick…she obviously is. The question is now why in God’s name is she still insisting on running for POTUS?

Is her lust for power and wealth so strong that she will chase it with no end? Is she so compromised that the powers that rule over her will no allow her to put an end to her run for Presidency?

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