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Hillary Clinton declares war on Infowars. Alex Jones fires back with devastating Hillary video

Alex Jones warns Hillary Clinton, "You're a liar, you're a fraud, you're a hypocrite. And you sold out to foreign interests Hillary Clinton".

Hillary Clinton fired the first shots, saying that Alex Jones claimed ‘no children’ died at Sandy Hook…even going off teleprompter script to lament that Alex Jones has a “black heart.”

Alex Jones fired back at Hillary, and absolutely crushes HRC in an epic video retaliation…connecting Hillary to Libya war crimes, Saudi Arabia 9-11 attacks, KKK collaboration, and even pulling up a video archive where Hillary advocates building a wall to keep Mexican immigrants out of the United States.

Alex Jones ends his reply saying,

“I know who you are.

I know the Klan financed you’re first campaigns, from the people that were there. I know who you are, and as an American and as a patriot, I am not scared of you bully.”

The Clinton campaign is in a tailspin. Going after Infowars in a campaign speech is getting pretty desperate.

Playing the race card is also a clear sign that Clinton is loosing the narrative, falling back on the standard liberal “you’re a racist” argument, in an effort to deflect attention away from a constant barrage of email scandals and corruption pouring over HRC like never ending waves.

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