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Hillary Clinton and “decision fatigue”

Hillary Clinton and “decision fatigue”

Stories about the health or lack thereof, of Hillary Clinton are not going away anytime soon. I have made it clear that in my personal view, this should not be a matter of public record. I feel it is enough to say that if her political decisions were formed in good faith, she is too ignorant to lead any nation and that if they were taken in a calculated way, she is too wicked and indeed too insane to lead any nation.

The latest story is that Hillary Clinton investigated medical treatments for an erstwhile little known disease called ‘decision fatigue’. I’m not a doctor, but I’m fairly sure when it comes to ‘decision fatigue’, Hillary Clinton gets a clean bill of health.

Hillary Clinton is guilty of making some of the worst decisions in contemporary geo-political history. Her advocacy for a war on Africa’s wealthiest country, Libya, being first and foremost.

Her description of the execution of a foreign head of state by an Islamist mob, a man whom George Bush no less had made an accord with, demonstrates that she was not the least indecisive about her decision to invade and consequently destroy Libya, at the cost not only of Libya lives but of American lives. “We came, we saw, he died”, followed by ghoulish laughter was her description, not exactly a symptom of someone suffering from Hamletesque indecision. 

Imagine if General Zhukov, General Montgomery or General Eisenhower spoke that way, even if speaking against a forfeitable and wicked Nazi foe? It simply wouldn’t enter the lexicon of such individuals.

Hillary Clinton’s illness is not that she suffers from ‘decision fatigue’ but rather that she suffers from ‘conscience fatigue’, ‘logic fatigue’ and ‘humaneness fatigue’. The world would be a better place if there was a drug capable of curing such dangerous psychological ailments.

The truth is that Hillary Clinton has never met a war she didn’t like and never pushed for a war she didn’t glory in.

Failed leader though he is, Barack Obama has admitted that Libya was a mistake, yet Hillary Clinton does not hesitate when it comes to justifying her bold decision.

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If only Hillary Clinton was less decisive, if only she looked before she leapt, then the world would be a better place.

Whatever drugs she may be interested in, something which encourages decisiveness would continue to cause great illnesses to an already bleeding world. 

As I have previously stated, I believe that whilst vulgar to discuss physical health, psychological health ought to be a matter of debate. In so far as this is the case it reminds one of the slogans from the 1964 US Presidential election. The Republican campaign said of Barry Goldwater, ‘In your heart, you know he’s right”; the Democrats answered “In your guts, you know he’s nuts”.

Substitute the he for a she and its 2016.

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