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Here’s the real reason western leaders hate Vladimir Putin

It’s NOT because they actually think he rigged elections.

Every year, Russian President Vladimir Putin holds a press conference where journalists from throughout the Russian Federation and the wider world gather to ask the Russian President questions on anything. Many of the questions are hostile, but Putin gives honest and often lengthy, detailed answers to each.

In 2014 for example, his press conference lasted nearly 4 hours in length.

But Putin  makes himself widely available to journalists from around the world the whole year round, not least at the annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Putin is generally one of most widely talkative major world leader when it comes to taking and answering questions from journalists.

At this year’s Economic Forum, Putin fronted a marathon 2 hour session that also featured his ally Prime Minister Modi of India, Moldovan President Igor Dodon, as well as Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern.

Hosting the lengthy Q and A was none other than professional Trump hater Megyn Kelly who has in the past expressed deeply hostile views towards Russia.

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Her questions to Putin were often a reflection of the western mainstream media Russophobic narrative, yet Putin took it on in stride with his usual calm, collective confidence.

Throughout the duration of the Forum in Putin’s home town, the Russian President answered often difficult questions from journalists of all backgrounds and from all nations.

This may well be the crux of why western media figures and western leaders harbour such a disdain for Putin.

They dislike Putin not because he is bad but because he is so good. Putin is able to seamlessly shift from rattling off statistics about oil and gas production, to talking about regional issues in Russia, to the details of UN reports on the Middle East, to the economy of the EU, to the political situation in America, to China’s trade project One Belt–One Road, all without breaking a sweat.

What’s more is that he does it all without a script, teleprompter or any other ‘guidance’.

Many people in Europe lament that their countries are controlled by an un-elected Council of the European Union. Likewise, many are dismayed that America is now more controlled by the deep state than by elected officials, including the President.

In Russia this is not the case. Putin is in charge, he is democratically elected to be so and his command of Russian and global political issues is apparent. Even his adversaries can scarcely deny that Putin knows his stuff and is able to communicate it clearly and effectively.

Increasingly, western journalists and commentators are no longer able to utter an even semi-cohesive sentence without a script or weeks of preparation.

Putin does it as though it is easy.

Perhaps this is why Putin is hated by the west and loved by those who still are man enough to respect a real leader who can lead wisely and competently….all without a net.

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