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Hannity continues to expose “real news” Ukraine US election meddling with stunning evidence (Video)

Ukraine did meddle in US elections, and the double standard and hypocrisy is disgusting.

Yesterday Sean Hannity had the first one-on-one interview with Donald Trump Jr., allowing the POTUS’ son to explain the 20 minute meeting with a Russian lawyer who is not even connected to the Kremlin, under her own admission.

In yesterday’s show, Hannity began to focus on “real news” US election meddling that the “fake news” liberal left media refuse to report…how Ukraine worked with the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC to dig up dirt on then-candidate Donald Trump.

Hannity is not letting up on the “real news” Ukraine US election meddling story, focusing his entire opening monologue on the Ukraine putsch government’s interference into the US election process.

The irony of it all. Obama and Victoria Nuland overthrow the democratically elected Ukraine government in 2014 with the help of neo-nazi collaborators, to then have the very same neo-nazi¬†Ukraine government come back stateside in 2016 to help HRC derail Trump’s election surge.

Hannity did not stop exposing Ukraine’s transgressions with just his opening monologue, by having former US House Speaker Newt Gingrich address Ukraine’s US election meddling, which is very real, very factual, and very well documented…unlike the zero evidence Russian election meddling fake news story.

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