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GQ tool gets crushed by MAGA supporters and one Greg Gutfeld (Video)

GQ tool gets crushed by MAGA supporters and one Greg Gutfeld (Video)

Fox News’ Greg Gufeld weighs in on Keith Olbermann’s announcement that he is retiring from political commentary.

Olbermann says he is done acting like a globalist tool, because Trump will be impeached soon, especially after POTUS’ Pocahontas comment.

America knows that Olbermann is quitting because he has simply been beaten by the Trump MAGA movement, which calls out his stupidity on a near daily basis.

The Gateway Pundit reports…

Trump broke Keith Olbermann.

Liberal blowhard, Keith Olbermann announced that he is retiring from political commentary for #TheResistanceGQ because ‘his work is done’. After Trump’s Pocahontas slam Monday, Olbermann is convinced Trump’s impeachment is imminent. LOL.

Another one bites the dust. MAGA!

Olbermann tweeted…

“NEW VIDEO: The last episode of . The good news: I’m finishing it because, especially after the “Pocahontas” debacle, I think Trump is unavoidably, inevitably, and in every possible path open to him, FINISHED.”

Twitter users proceeded to destroy Keith Olbermann (courtesy of The Gateway Pundit)…

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john vieira
john vieira

Give the ‘libterd’ one thing…he sure as hell is FULL of himself….never even heard of him before…another wasted inflated egomaniac…

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