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George Soros ignored at Davos during his globalist rant

Liberal media tried to spin story that Soros outclassed Trump at Davos, but the truth was quickly revealed.

The liberal media tried to spin a narrative that billionaire. globalist George Soros somehow upstaged President Trump at Davos…

The Gateway Pundit reports…

The far left New Yorker Magazine published a report on Friday titled: How George Soros Upstaged Donald Trump at Davos.

The New Yorker was hoping to convince Americans that far left billionaire George Soros upstaged the American President at Davos.

Soros spoke to a disinterested and distracted room. No one paid attention to the left-wing billionaire.

The Duran reported that unlike Soros, POTUS Trump rocked the Davos summit with his ‘America First’ platform.

The American President’s straight talk charmed many at Davos, and created an air of optimism amidst the storm of negative rhetoric.

When asked if he would be received well the president joked, “I already am. Look.”

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