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General Michael Flynn blasts Hillary Clinton and her crimes: ‘I’m sick of it. She should step down’ [Video]

General Michael Flynn sounds off Hillary Clinton's email scandal: 'I'm sick of it'

General Michael Flynn told FOX News that it’s time for Hillary Clinton to ‘step down from the race.’

When asked about the “Russian connection” that is now being spread aggressively by the Clinton media machine, General Michael Flynn was firm and absolute…

“It baloney, it’s absolute baloney, and its an absolute distraction to what Hillary Clinton knows she did, and what she did was totally wrong. She should step down. She should not be running for President of the United States.”

The FOX News reporter pressed General Flynn again on the”Russian connection”…

“It’s utter nonsense. This is utter nonsense. This is a tactic that the Democratic and the Clinton machine are using to try to distract from what they know to be true…There is incredible level of deceit here…and incredible level.”

“I’m sick of it”

General Michael Flynn blasted Hillary Clinton’s corruption and lies…

“This is about lying, dishonesty, deceit of the American public at the highest levels of our government.”

“The American people are sick of the deceit and the dishonesty.”

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