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“France Should Learn to Live with Terrorism”, says French Prime Minister Manuel Valls [Video]

'Learn to live with terrorism', is Manuel Valls' solution.

84 dead, and more in critical condition (several of them children) after what authorities identified as a Tunisian man, drove his truck into crowds celebrating France’s national Bastille Day in Nice.

The man reportedly opened fire on people who tried to help the dead and wounded.

The statement from French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls “learn to live with terrorism” is puzzling to say the least. It is as if French leadership has accepted, or is telling their people to accept, the fact that EU and US policy in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere will inevitably result in some blowback…so in Valls’ word, to paraphrase, ‘learn to live with it, France’.

Valls announced three days of national mourning beginning on Saturday.

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