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Free alcohol served illegally at anti-Trump protest in Seattle [Video]

Money and booze seem to be the cornerstones of the anti-Trump movement's strategy to attract crowds and make noise.

As if learning of paid protesters and staged demonstrations organized with the financial backing of establishment billionaire George Soros wasn’t shocking enough, a new video has surfaced, revealing that protesters in Seattle were being served what appears to be free beer from a keg with the label Georgetown Brewery – right in the middle of a street and without cheeking IDs.

This footage was made in the University District of Seattle by a local business owner on the night of November 9, 2016. After hearing loud and profane shouting outside he decided to go and investigate. Here is what he had to say in commentary to the video, which he posted on Facebook:

Hillary supporters in UW district: drunk student crowd that learned only “F” word in school. Did not know that serving Pale Ale like that on a street suddenly became legal.

While we cannot verify what was inside that keg, we are certainly concerned with the likelihood of it being alcohol, and are thus calling on the Seattle Police to investigate.

Drunk crows of anti-Trump protesters have already caused serious damage and violence in the neighboring City of Portland, Oregon. There, police have officially re-qualified the protest to a riot, deploying less lethal munitions such as OC spray and vapor (pepper spray), rubber ball distraction devices and rubber baton rounds.

The Portland Police have also issued a reminder to its citizens that the crime of riot is a felony, punishable by law.

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