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Fox News figures out motive for chemical attack in Syria: ‘Assad does this to provoke Trump’ (Video)

US four star General says US should ‘take out the entire Assad airpower infrastructure’

General Jack Keane reacts after at least 40 people are killed in a suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria, says a tough response is needed if the use of chemicals is verified.

The four star General, who is sure to be in bed with all the big military manufacturers, says that the United States military should ‘take out the entire Assad airpower infrastructure’, something sure to boost the stock prices of MIC corporations.

For all of the stupidity in the below Fox News segment, perhaps the dumbest comment came from the Fox News host when she posited the motive of Assad’s alleged (and completely unverified) chemical attack…

“Could this [chemical weapons attack] be a play by them [Assad, Putin and Iran] to provoke or test President Trump?”

Assad is using chemical weapons, in a war he is clearly winning, in order to test Trump’s resolve…makes a lot of strategic and geopolitical sense.

Keane then makes the call for an Arab NATO…another brilliant idea from a military industrial complex shill.

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