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Former Ukrainian Defence Minister calls for terrorist attacks on Russia

Former Ukrainian Defence Minister calls for terrorist attacks on Russia

Anatoly Gritsenko, the former Defence Minister of Ukraine has called for terrorist attacks against Russia in what he calls a “war” against Russia.

He began his blood-soaked rant by blaming the recent car bomb attack against Maksim Shapoval of the regime’s Defence Ministry on Russia in spite of the fact that many neo-Nazis had pledged to target regime officials they did not feel were sufficiently extreme. Russia has never used a car bomb in its history as a means of attacking any foreign official or civilian.

The unhinged Gritsenko continued staying,

“If this is really a war, and not a just a game for the president (Poroshenko), it means that for every car that blows up Kiev or Mariupol, two cars should blow up in Taganrog or Moscow”.

The statements amount to a unilateral declaration of a terrorist war on Russia. Although many regime officials and fascist groups operating in the territory controlled by the regime have made similar statements against Russia, this statement from a high ranking former regime official must be taken seriously by the security services in Russia.

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The Ukrainian regime is guilty of slaughtering thousands of civilians in Donbass, including those who have been victims of illegal chemical weapons attacks.

Thus far, the regime’s war crimes have been largely ignored by the west which continues to arm and fund Kiev’s forces which illegally seized power after a coup in February of 2014.

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