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Former U.S. attorney general debunks Hillary Clinton’s “Russian Hacker” lie [Video]

Former U.S. attorney general reacts to Clinton 'pay to play' allegations.

Former U.S. attorney general Mukasey breaks down Hillary’s corrupt pay-to-play scheme as well as completely debunk the ridiculous “Russian Hacker” narrative.

In the video below, Maria Bartiromo and Mukasey nail down the importance of the Wikileaks Podesta email dump…as well as the deceptive nature behind Hillary’s ‘blame Russia’ distraction.

Maria Bartiromo: “She is just blaming Russia with no explanation whatsoever about the content.”

Mukasey: “She will have to explain it only if she is pressed by people in the media.

“Her explanation is going to be…that this is from a polluted source…I think we should be more concerned with the source than the content…and I am not going to comment on the content.”

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