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Former Hillary campaign manager tells CNN she recommended adviser be fired after sexual assault claims (Video)

Solis Doyle told CNN that Hillary Clinton was wrong to not fire senior aide.

Former Hillary Clinton campaign manager Patty Solis Doyle says she recommended that faith adviser Burns Strider be fired after a female campaign staffer accused him of harassment that included inappropriate touching, kissing her forehead and sending her suggestive emails, but was overruled by Clinton.

After hearing of the complaint, Patti Solis Doyle and other senior aides urged Hillary to fire Strider, but Clinton declined to dismiss him and kept him on for the rest of her failed run for the Democratic nomination.

Hillary Clinton made it clear that “we should explore other options” than firing Strider.

Mark Steyn went on Tucker Carlson Tonight to blast the narrative that Hillary Clinton is some sort of feminist hero.

Hillary Clinton refused to an fire adviser accused of sexual harassment and destroyed the lives of women who were raped or attacked by her husband Bill Clinton…and yet Hillary continues to appear in bizarre Grammys kits showcasing her feminist liberal values.

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