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FBI did not have a source within Trump WH. The “source” was a drunk Papadopoulos in London (Video)

Fusion GPS was referring to George Papadopoulos when they claimed the FBI had a source inside the Trump Campaign.

One of the most interesting claims made by Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson during his closed door Congressional testimony was that the FBI had a source within the Trump campaign.

The anti-Trump media seized on Simpson’s statement as more evidence that Trump was colluding with Russia, only to have it immediately debunked by Circa News’ Sara Carter.

The Gateway Pundit reports that on Tuesday night reporter Sara Carter from Circa News told Sean Hannity that Fusion GPS was referring to George Papadopoulos when they claimed the FBI had a source inside the Trump Campaign.

Sara Carter: I think one of the most interesting points that’s been brought up today is that Glenn Simpson testified that the FBI has a source within the Trump campaign. And, by the way, that story, a colleague of mine here pointed out that that story is still a top story on the Washington Post website. What’s interesting is that according to people close to Glenn Simpson and Fusion GPS he misspoke. That it isn’t true at all. That what he was referring to was Papadopoulos actually in London.

What is astonishing in this whole Fusion GPS tale, is the fact that the FBI and Fusion GPS were somehow collaborating to sabotage a presidential candidate in favor of another candidate…this is the real alarming takeaway from the “Russiagate” story that is rarely reported.

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