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Fatah applauds latest Hamas move towards Palestinian reconciliation

The rival Palestinian parties have been at odds since 2007.

GAZA (Sputnik) – The Palestinian movement of Hamas’ promise to dissolve its administrative committee have been a positive sign for intra-Palestinian dialogue, Mahmoud Aloul, the deputy leader of the Fatah party, said Sunday.

“The news that Hamas is dissolving the so-called administrative committee in the Gaza Strip is positive and promising,” Aloul said, as broadcast by the Voice of Palestine radio.

Aloul added that the members of his party would need to get confirmation and explanations through Egypt, which serves as the intermediary, before making any gestures in response.

Egyptian state media later reported that Cairo intends to continue its contacts with Ramallah and all other Palestinian factions.

Hamas also expressed readiness for negotiations with Fatah and for general elections in a statement issued earlier on Sunday.

Several Palestinian factions issued a joint statement, in which they welcomed the gesture of Hamas and thanked Egypt for acting as a mediator.

The establishment of the administrative committee aggravated the relations between Hamas and the Fatah-led Palestinian National Authority. The Gaza Strip has been under control of Hamas since 2007, while their opponents maintain control of the West Bank. The two sides have made several attempts for reconciliation, which failed to come to fruition.

Both Palestinian territories are contested by Israel as well, with both Palestine and Israel claiming Jerusalem as capital.

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