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EXPOSED: Fox News’ Judge Jeanine calls out Republicans for working with Democrats to impeach Trump (Video)

Judge Jeanine asks "Where is GOP establishment support of Trump?"

For Fox News’ Judge Jeanine, the Republicans are watching the Democrats railroad their president, and for good reason.

Republicans are working with, not against Democrats and the Deep State, to impeach Trump and restore order to the DC swamp.

Jeanine’s opening statement is a stunning indictment of the GOP and it’s agenda to throw Trump under the bus.

For all the crimes that Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton and James Comey committed, (which have now been confirmed), we see US Republicans continue to focus on a special investigation into whether Trump colluded, obstructed, or hacked something that belongs to the US government or the DNC.

In all honesty, no one really knows what the entire “Russiagate” special counsel is all about…but both sides of the Congressional aisle appear to be working hand and glove to push the narrative, which has a singular focused end result….to get Trump out of office.

Republicans control the House, the Senate and just about every single governorship in the United States, yet they conveniently allow the Democrats to run their special counsel agenda without any resistance or even the slightest amount of pushback.

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