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Everything evil with US foreign policy expressed by US Senator Lindsey Graham in this stunning interview

US Senator Lindsey Graham wants to "throw a rock at Russia".

War-hawk US Senator Lindsey Graham went on Tucker Carlson tonight to explain his view of the world, and America’s place in it.

Needless to say, Graham’s world view is complete BS, full of hypocrisy and lies.

Carlson calls him out a bit on his nonsense explanation relating to “Russian hacking”…but after watching the video, we felt that the softball comments being lobbed by Graham could have been crushed out of the park by Carlson if he so wanted to.

It was very easy to pick apart the US Senator’s rhetoric…and we are sure The Duran’s readers will easily pick apart Graham’s interview in the comment section below.

Enjoy the ranting of a delusional, dangerous fool…

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