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Edward Snowden warns world to stay way from Google Allo; Tweets “Don’t use Allo”

Edward Snowden’s latest tweets will not make Google very happy.

On the eve of Google’s latest app launch called Allo (a WhatsApp chat competitor), Snowden is tweeting to all his followers, and everyone concerned with NSA/FBI/CIA surveillance, not to touch the Allo.

Google Allo, the new “smart” messaging app launched on this Wednesday, is ‘dangerous’ and should be avoided, says Snowden.

Snowden posted a series of Tweets warning his followers to stay away from Google Allo.

Snowden says Allo plans to…

“record every message you ever send and make it available to police upon request”.

RT reports that Allo is designed to take on chat message leader WhatsApp. Allo:

–promises to deliver quick conversations with features like; “Smart Reply” that can guess your answers and respond to messages with just the tap of a button, and “Google Assistant”, which answers your questions and helps you search for things directly in your chat.

How does Allo plan on predicting your every word and witty emoji, you ask? “The more you use it, the more it improves over time,” which basically means they’ll collect and store as much of your data as possible and then use artificial intelligence to guess your replies.

However, the efficiency of time-saving typing may end up costing customers their already compromised privacy.

When Google first announced the introduction of Allo earlier this year they, too, had planned end-to-end-encryption in “Incognito Mode” and assured they would only store messages transiently, rather than indefinitely.

However, it now appears that Google won’t be doing that after all. Wednesday’s announcement revealed Google plans to store all conversations that aren’t specifically started in “incognito mode” by default.

Snowden has pointed out that every single one of the NSA and FBI’s 1,457 surveillance requests, was granted by the US foreign intelligence surveillance court.

Which means that if Google Allo stores all your message data, than that data will easily be shared with the NSA and FBI.

WhatsApp messages are encrypted and unreadable, and this may make all the difference when it comes to your privacy.

WhatsApp however is not completely locked down. The popular chat app did announce last month that they will be sharing your contacts and who you talk to with their parent company Facebook.


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