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Donald Trump tweets for peace with Russia

Donald Trump will cave under pressure from the deep state and renege on his pledge to cooperate with rather than threaten Russia…so said many pundits, but thus far they have been proved wrong time and again.

Donald Trump just tweeted the following:

This comes after statements where he implied the Democrats are exaggerating the implications of the DNC hacking to compensate for their own embarrassment at their electoral losses.

The idea of a politician keeping a promise, especially when it goes against the wishes of the deep state, mainstream media establishment and many in both major American political parties, is exotic.  But then again, Donald Trump is not a career politician and it doesn’t look as though he’ll try and pretend otherwise.

Speaking directly to the American people through Twitter and Facebook allows Trump to bypass a media establishment who have a perverse hatred of Russia.

By contrast, most Americans do not hate Russia nor do they see Russia as a threat.

This is what Trump means when he refers to the anti-Russian nonsense as a distraction from real problems.

Increasingly, because of the actual threat of radical Islamic terrorism, many in America are starting to question why the world’s geopolitical superpowers shouldn’t cooperate against this threat.

The outgoing lame-duck administration have oddly done a great deal to improve relations between Russia and the US. By making Russia such a monumental issue, it has actually awoken many political pragmatists from their overly long hibernation. So rather than allow relations between Russia and America to softly deteriorate, they have forced the issue into the public sphere and people have now had to openly choose sides.

People can be on the Clinton/McCain axis of ‘Russia is evil and war should be declared’ or they can join the Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan and Donald Trump club which says, ‘Russia is no enemy and could be a constructive ally’.

So thanks President Obama and thanks Mrs. Clinton. In losing the argument to create further hostility you’ve actually forced Donald Trump’s steady hand in the name of peace.

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