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Donald Trump threatens WAR, tweets “get ready Russia”

Donald Trump threatens WAR, tweets “get ready Russia”

In one of the most unprecedented, and ill-advised threats yet against Russia, Donald Trump has ratcheted up the push to full military confrontation with Russia in a single tweet after Russia signaled that it would ‘shoot down any missiles fired at Syria.’

Moscow fired back at Trump’s threats, asking if these “smart missiles” would be an attempt to destroy the alleged chemical attack evidence in Syria.

“Smart missiles should fly towards terrorists, not [Syria’s] lawful government, which has spent several years fighting against international terrorism on its territory,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said in response to Trump’s tweet on Wednesday.

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She added the US may be seeking to undermine an inspection by chemical weapons experts, who are planning to investigate on the ground in Syria after the alleged attack which sparked the current confrontation between Russia and the US.

“Are the OPCW inspectors aware that smart missiles are about to destroy all evidence of the chemical weapons use on the ground? Or is that the actual plan – to cover up all evidence of this fabricated attack with smart missile strikes, so that international inspectors had no evidence to look for?” Zakharova asked.

Trump’s threat comes in apparent response to remarks by the Russian Ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin, who said Russian servicemen deployed in Syria have legal grounds to shoot down any American missiles attacking targets in Syria and striking the origin of those missiles, in case of attack.

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