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Donald Trump tells Stephen Colbert, “We have to have a wall, in that wall we will have a big fat door for people to come in legally”

Stephen Colbert apologizes to Donald Trump for the mean things he said, and gives Trump the opportunity to apologize as well.

Stephen Colbert grovels and apologizes to President-elect Trump, for being a Hillary Clinton pansy during the US elections.

He then asks Trump to apologize. Trump however is no tool and no fool, and does what any good leader should do…he does not apologize or back off from his election rhetoric, instead he owns what he said in the past and what he says present day.

After hearing Trump in this late night interview, I like and respect him more than ever.

“We have to have a wall, we have to have a border, and in that wall we’re going to have a beautiful door big fat door, where people can come into the country, but they have to come in legally…that is what a country is all about.”

“No apologies!” – Donald Trump

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