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Donald Trump responds to Obama’s expulsion of Russian diplomats

Donald Trump has responded to Barack Obama’s insulting expulsion of 96 Russian diplomats and their family members from the United States.

The President-elect made his remarks in the following short Facebook post.

Contrary to his portrayal as a rhetorical simpleton, there is in actual fact, a great deal of subtlety between his lines.

In stating that America should move on to ‘bigger and better things’, the implication is that Obama’s move was small and petty. Furthermore, the fact that he’ll only meet members of the intelligence community next week, shows that it is a low priority for the man who famously never takes time off.

Obama’s penchant for sinking to ever greater depths will render any further moves against Russia until the 20th of January as unsurprising. As George Galloway once said of the pro-Iraq war commentator Christopher Hitchens, “…you’ve fallen out of the gutter and into the sewer”.

No matter how much Obama tries to derail the Trump train, it looks like Trump will soldier on, not changing his policy no matter how much Obama and his mainstream media cronies try to make a policy favourable to cooperation with Russia appear untenable or dangerous.

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