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Donald Trump may give us a huge October surprise…releasing his 2015 tax returns

Even though Julian Assange did not deliver the October surprise the world was hoping for, Donald Trump may give us the biggest October surprise (short of finding all of Hillary’s 33,000 ‘bleachbited’ emails) by releasing his 2015 tax return.

The WSJ is reporting that Donald Trump may have “one last tax card to play” his 2015 tax return.

Zerohedge reports

In little-noticed comments after his first debate with Hillary Clinton, the Republican presidential candidate has hinted he could make that return public in under two weeks.

As has been extensively documented, Trump is the only major-party presidential candidate since 1976 to refuse to release any tax returns. He’s been reeling this week after The New York Times published portions of his 1995 state tax returns showing a $916 million loss that could offset his income from 1996 forward.

“My current returns will be released as soon as they’re complete,” he said, according to video posted on Twitter by NBC reporter Katy Tur.

While the Trump campaign didn’t respond to questions about that comment, his latest tax return is likely in the final stages of preparation the WSJ estimates. Many taxpayers with complicated finances seek automatic six-month extensions from the IRS. That would make his due date Oct. 17.

Trump appears to have used an extension last year. On Oct. 15, 2015, he tweeted a picture of himself surrounded by stacks of paper and said he was signing his tax return.

After the NYT hit piece on Trump’s legal NOLs, releasing his 2015 tax return could help Donald Trump turn a negative story into a huge net positive…and totally taking away a major Clinton campaign talking point.

Now how about those 33,000 emails Hillary?


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