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DISTURBING: Hillary Clinton uses dancing children to promote her book ‘What Happened’ (Video)

Children dancing to ‘Fight Song’ to peddle Hillary’s garbage.

By now its no secret that Hillary Clinton will do anything to make a buck. From stealing tableware from the White House to selling out her country for donations into her slush fund Clinton Foundations…there is nothing that Hillary will not do for a buck.

When it comes to selling her latest “everyone is to blame” fiction book “What Happened”, HRC is using dancing children.

Now that her pay-to-play Clinton Foundation is worthless, the Clinton’s have to make money somehow.

The Gateway Pundit reports…

On Thursday, Hillary posted a video to her Twitter account of teenagers and children dancing to ‘Fight Song’–the same song that played at the Democrat National Convention while holding her book ‘What Happened‘. Weird.

WARNING: Watching this video may cause permanent psychological damage.

Hillary tweeted…

“This video from my local bookstore @scatteredbooks in Chappaqua put a smile on my face! Love the soundtrack, too.”

Scattered Books, published the video which shows dancing teenagers and children holding Hillary’s books “What Happened and “It Takes a Village.

Oh how those teeny-boppers just love “Crooked” Hillary.

Hillary made it so easy for twitter users to destroy her latest bizarre marketing gaffe (courtesy The Gateway Pundit):

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