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Disgusting actors from Hamilton play are forgiven by Mike Pence. Stevie Van Zandt calls them “bullies” [Video]

You protect your guests. Don't embarrass them.

The big news over the weekend was the cast of the broadway play ‘Hamilton’ harassing Vice President-elect Mike Pence and his family from the stage.

Liberal left, SJWs praised the cast, and said it was the right thing to do, because bullying a man who simply wanted to take his family to the theater is absolutely acceptible in liberal la la land.

Here it is in case you missed it…

Mike Pence responded to the bullying with a typical mean spirited anger that only conservatives can muster.

Watching Pence’s response in the video below should give everyone pause as to the evils that await us all. Pence’s response to the brave SJWs of “Hamiltion” is disgusting and exactly what one might expect from the Trump team…

Of course the above is sarcasm.

Pence handled everything like a real gentlemen and patriot.

In truth, the actors of “Hamilton” should be utterly ashamed and disgusted with themselves. If this is not obvious enough, let Bruce Springsteen gutarist and actor in The Sopranos, Steven Van Zandt explain why…

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