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Democrats expose their hypocrisy when playing politics with war and peace

The hypocrisy of the Democratic Party never ceases to astound me.

Although the Republicans are no angels and many have attempted to derail Donald Trump’s progress, there’s a special kind of hypocrisy amongst Democrats when attempting to tie the hands of a Republican president.

Barack Obama faced a great deal of Republican opposition for his domestic policies, but as one of the most hawkish Presidents in modern American history, Obama faced little opposition from Republicans.

By contrast, Donald Trump won on a platform that could accurately be described as the advocacy of ‘peace through strength’.  But this matters little to the out of touch Democratic Party.

Democrat Senator Edward Markey and Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu have introduced the Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017. The act would prohibit the Commander in Chief from using nuclear weapons unless Congress has declared a state of war.

Forgetting the fact that the dropping of nuclear weapons in the way Markey and Lieu have in mind would likely be the end of the world, there is a more pragmatic reason that I believe this bill does not have the good intentions that one might assume.

Barack Obama made war on Libya without a declaration of war.  The result was that the most successful state in modern African history has been reduced to rubble. Libya is now a non-state.

Simultaneously, Obama continued to illegally bomb Syria, Yemen, Sudan and Somalia. The war in Iraq which Obama was elected on a promise of ending, seems to have no end in sight. It has raged longer than both world wars combined.

Where were Mr. Markey and Lieu doing when all this was going on? Where was their resolute adherence to principles of Constitutionality then?

It was nowhere and frankly the same could be said of most Republicans. Only Ron Paul and his son Rand, are consistent in their non-partisan application of Constitutional principles.

The Democrats prove yet again that they have no shame when it comes to playing politics with war and peace.

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