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25 reasons Hillary Clinton loss the election…according to Hillary Clinton

The Code Conference interview will go down in history as Hillary Clinton’s public, delusional spiral into a place that not even the sorest of losers occupy.

Hillary widened the net of who is to blame for her pathetic US Presidential campaign. The Duran tracked down all the things HRC brought up as reasons for her election loss.

Here is the list of 25 excuses that Hillary Clinton cited during her Code Conference interview, as impeding her God-given right to be President of the United States.

While some excuses in the list below may appear to be impossible to believe that Hillary Clinton mentioned these things in the interview, but she did and its documented forever.

1. Russia

2. James Comey

3. “Macedonia” content farms

4. Facebook

5. The New York Times

6. Misogyny

7. Infowars

8. Bad polling numbers

9. Racism – Deplorables

10. The FBI

11. Vladimir Putin

12. The DNC – The Democratic Party

13. Low information voters

14. “Anti-american forces”

15. Barack Obama – for wining two terms

16. People wanting change

17. People who assumed she was a shoe in to win

18. Suburban women

19. Television Executives

20. Netflix – Documentary film makers

21. Cable News

22. Twitter

23. Wikileaks

24. Fake News

25. The Republican Party

Missing from Hillary Clinton’s laundry list of excuses for losing the White House to Donald Trump…


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