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David Cameron Agrees To Resettle 3,000 Syrian Children In The UK

Britain's government has bowed to pressure and agreed to take in unaccompanied children from Syria who have made their way to Europe.

I guess it’s the least that David Cameron can do, since he was one of the fiercest backers of overthrowing Assad by training, arming, and financing the seed that grew into ISIS.

Prime Minister David Cameron’s office said Wednesday that children who registered in Greece, Italy or France before March 20 will be eligible to come to the UK. It didn’t specify how many Britain would accept.

Britain has already agreed to resettle up to 3,000 vulnerable child refugees by 2020, as well as 20,000 Syrians from Middle Eastern refugee camps.

But the government had argued that accepting children already in Europe would encourage others to make the dangerous journey.

Labour peer Alf Dubs, who came to Britain on the 1930s “kindertransports” of Jewish children from Nazi-occupied Europe, led a campaign to get Cameron’s Conservative government to change its mind.


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