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Dana Loesch throws down on the Mainstream Media [VIDEO]

Dana Loesch throws down on the Mainstream Media [VIDEO]

Dana Loesch has been a forceful and excellent spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association for some time now. A beautiful woman, a mother of two kids, and a no-nonsense attitude based in reality make her simply an amazing representative of this group. This is a good thing as the passionate hysteria of the American Left turned sharply against the NRA as though it were the party responsible for the murder of 17 innocent kids at a Parkland, Florida high school.

Our hearts at Red Pill Times go out to the families and loved ones of those lost and injured, and to everyone who experienced the terror of that time then and after, as well as all the victims of this horrible violence before. We are with you all.

But we also counsel patience. Our response to the issue of violence, whether committed with the use of firearms or knives or anything else, needs to center on the issues with the people that do this. In the case of Nikolas Cruz and many other shooters, there is a known pattern of mental illness, psychological difficulty, and usually someone knew about it and did nothing. In Cruz’ case, a whole lot of people did nothing.

We believe that facing things in reality is the best way to solve problems. And to that end, Dana Loesch’s announcement, shown here below is something that should inspire.

The truth will set us free. Liberal solutions are not the truth. It is just that simple.

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