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Peter Lavelle’s CrossTalk: The Universal Bogeyman

Peter Lavelle’s CrossTalk: The Universal Bogeyman

All three guests, Matthew Gordon-Banks, Gilbert Doctorow, and Earl Rasmussen, presented nuanced views on this important subject. What was most of interest for me included:

— Is the current Russia-bashing mere an amplification of what we have witnessed since the end of the Cold?

— Are western audiences being prepared for an eventual war with Russia? (A war Russia does not want).

— Is Russia merely a rhetorical ploy used by Hillary Clinton to undermine Donald Trump’s reputation and credibility?

— And lastly, how do the west’s political elites and media walk back from all of this aggressive rhetoric?

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Peter Lavelle is host of RT’s CrossTalk. His views are his own and may or may not reflect those of his employer. He is also a Director and contributor at The Duran.

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