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Congressman pushes to Nominate President Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

“Historic Progress” in North Korea means Nobel for POTUS Trump.

Donald Trump, Nobel Peace Prize winner?

Expect a liberal left, DC swamp meltdown of epic proportions should such a thing ever happen.

After the historic North and South Korean summit last week, we just may have Trump winning the coveted prize.

Obama won a Nobel by doing nothing…

At least Trump has actually accomplished something of note, to warrant a peace prize. Sure he got the two Korean sides to the negotiating table by threatening nuclear, “fire and fury” war.. but as the old saying goes, ‘there is a method to his madness.’

The Gateway Pundit reports that congressman Luke Messer (R-IN) announced his intentions to nominate President Donald Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, following the historic agreement to end the 65-year-old war in the Korean peninsula and work towards denuclearization.

South Korea’s foreign minister has credited President Trump for bringing the two sides together, saying “Clearly, credit goes to President Trump…He’s been determined to come to grips with this from day one.”

Congressman Messer said in a statement about his intentions…

“We are seeing unprecedented progress toward peace, and it’s a direct result of President Trump’s strong leadership”

“Following this historic announcement, President Trump should get the Nobel Peace Prize. Our peace through strength strategy is delivering never before seen results.”

The Gateway Pundit reports…

As a member of Congress, Messer is actively gathering support from his colleagues to nominate the President for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, the press release stated.

President Obama previously received a Nobel Peace Prize, for no real reason.

As Fox News has noted, the former secretary of the Nobel Institute, acknowledged in 2015 that the prize was awarded prematurely to President Obama – “for achievements the institute hoped Obama would achieve, rather than for what he had actually accomplished.”

This weekend at a rally in Michigan, U.S. President Donald Trump took credit for progress in talks between the Koreas, as his supporters chanted “Nobel”.

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