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Congrats Barack Obama, on notching your 300th round of golf while U.S. President

“My sand game is terrible.” Barack Obama critiques his golf game.

Hope and Change…for a better handicap. President Barack Obama hit the 300 mark. Taxpayer money well spent.

The New York Post reports…

On Sunday, President Obama notched his 300th round of golf, according to presidential historian Mark Knoller, a reporter for CBS.

The milestone was marked with Chris Paul, Cy Walker and Joe Paulsen, rounding out the presidential foursome.

The round took place at Farm Neck Golf Club on Martha’s Vineyard, where the first family is taking its annual summer vacation.

In an interview with the Golf Channel, Obama revealed his golf handicap: “Honest 13,” he told the network.

“I think my irons are good, my drive is straight but unimpressive in length, and my putting’s decent, chipping is OK,” said Obama. “My sand game is terrible.”

Come January, Barack Obama leaves the next US President a world in flames, and an America divided and falling apart from inside out….but at least Barack’s handicap is a solid 13.


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