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CNN is exposed using a cameraman to play the part of an Anti-Trump protestor [Video]

CNN outs themselves by using a cameraman as a fake Anti-Trump protester.

A cameraman who previously worked with CNN is interviewed by CNN…and is accidently exposed by CNN.

The “random protestor” is supposedly outraged by Hillary Clinton’s defeat.

That’s when CNN host Don Lemon slips up and admits the “random protestor” being interviewed is not random at all…but had once joined Lemon as a CNN cameraman on a trip to Africa.

The key line comes at the end of the “protestors” plea for Hillary to save the day, and CNN host Don Lemon says…

“Yeah, Brian you know, I used to live there and I know that guy, that’s John Gergavich [sic]. He actually went to Africa with me as a cameraman.”

Paul Joseph Watson exposes the CNN protestor hoax at the 3:30 minute mark…

Here is one more video of CNN’s fake news interview. Listening to the CNN cameraman, it is obvious he was overdoing it just a bit…don’t you think?

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